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We have been using The Pooch Mobile for over a year now. We love the convenience and the price. The Pooch Mobile costs the same as the pet store groomer but we avoid the stress of driving to them, dealing with traffic and the possibility of unfriendly dogs. Plus, Gus enjoys the hydrobath and gets to avoid all the stress of being away from home. So, Gus loves it, too! ~Laura Rosenthal, Castle Pines, Colorado

Beth with the Pooch Mobile has handled my chows for over 5 years.  Although gentle, they are bull headed.  Not to stop Beth!  She handles them with love and a firm hand.  She is simply the best!! ~Adell Blair, Castle Rock

Bumper will be greatly missed by all. Click on the letter to the right to view a heartwarming letter from Bumper’s owner Earle Howell.


I wanted to let you know about the exceptional service I received from Gladis Duarte and the Pooch Mobile.  My poor, special needs dog, Marie, tangled with a skunk for the third time.  I texted Gladis at 6:00 am and she was at the house washing my stinky Marie by 8:30 am.  Marie was smelling like lavender by 9:30 am.  This also was Gladis’s day off and she had to take her vehicle in to the shop.  Gladis put Marie ahead of her own personal needs.  I don’t know what I would have done without Gladis and the Pooch Mobile.  Once again they came to our rescue!
Many thanks for the exceptional service. ~Carolyn Sykes/Marie’s personal servant
Aurora, Colorado

We found The Pooch Mobile about 3 years ago when our two golden retrievers were needing regular baths and were too hard to bring to a groomer.  Our oldest golden, Greeley had just completed chemotherapy for lymphoma and with his older age it was too stressful for him to go in the car.  We were so lucky to find Marge who has taken care of us and continues to do so.  She makes them feel comfortable and loved.  Marge has a kind spirit with an abundance of love for animals. Our dogs both enjoy the warm, massaging baths and the cookie they get when they finish. They smell wonderful and their coats are beautiful. Marge is a wonderful person and friend and we are grateful for her services! ~The Sinclair Family

The Pooch Mobile is so convenient; I don’t even need to be there. I go to work, I come home and my dog is clean and smelling great when I walk through the door. I love Pooch Mobile days. ~Janet – customer of Robert Croley.

We love having The Pooch Mobile care for Sterling. For about the same cost as taking him to the grooming shop we can have him cared for right at our home. It is so affordable. ~Pam – customer of Robert Croley.

I don’t know how The Pooch Mobile does it but I love it. They are so efficient. I give Robert a ragged stinky no good excuse for a dog and they return to me a shiny, good smelling, Westminster Champion. It is truly remarkable. I love The Pooch Mobile. ~Kimberly.

The Pooch Mobile is the greatest. Because they are owner/operators I can always rely on fantastic service from the same person. I never have to worry that my best friend Peabody will be cared for with as much love and respect as I give to him. ~Cathy – Customer of Robert Croley.

Snickers and I love The Pooch Mobile!  He’s a 70 lbs long fur doggie and really appreciates being pampered, washed and brushed out each month.  He stays very clean between visits thanks to the grooming that The Pooch Mobile does for him.  Once you get on a schedule their fur is much more manageable and the shedding is really cut down. ~Thanks Beth and Thanks Pooch Mobile!


I am so pleased with The Pooch Mobile.  My dog, Mellie, is a rescue and has a lot of trust issues.  Conventional grooming services are very traumatic for her.  I prefer The Pooch Mobile because I can be with Mellie while she gets groomed.  She is overcoming her fears and is learning to enjoy her bath time.  It’s remarkable! Thank you, Stacey & The Pooch Mobile. ~Jeanne Tyler

I have two border collies; Cisco and Poncho. I live in Castle Rock, Colorado and I utilize the services of Beth Deuel and The Pooch Mobile to keep my dogs well groomed, clean and happy. I very much appreciate Beth coming to my house to care for Cisco and Poncho otherwise I would have to take my dogs to some dog groomer, drop them off and in a couple of hours go back and pick them up. Beth is the best dog groomer I have ever known and my dogs love the process. And, it is hilarious to watch! ~Dan Drolsum

We LOVE Beth and The Pooch Mobile!  We have 2 Golden Retrievers and they both feel so good after their bath!  We also love the fact that Beth notices things about our dogs that we sometimes miss (and eye infection for our older dog).  We can’t say enough good about the service we receive and will continue to use them.  (And the treat at the end of the bath is always a added bonus!) ~The Bedricks Family

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Many customers have been so taken with Richard Ellmers passion and commitment to The Pooch Mobile that they have written these letters.

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