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Posted by: SPotter, 11/7/2009
Our dogs were a mess. Henry is a spaniel mix with silky but wirey hair that was matted with pine tar from a trip up in the hills. Seamus is a contankerous, 9 year old flat-coated retriever we had gotten from the Humane Society and had obviously never been groomed – ever. Moreover, he would not let me come near him with a brush. No matter how I tried to gentle him. Richard won him over. Seamus LOVED the experience. Both boys came out not quite smelling like roses – but like rosemary – that lasted for weeks. Quite the improvement over “wet dog smell.” My house stayed cleaner for weeks too. Not to mention the utter convenience of not having to load up the dogs and take them to a groomer.

Posted by: Steve W., 10/6/2009
Gladis makes sure my 13 year old golden is comfortable and completely clean every time. It is so obvious how much she loves dogs and I am always impressed how much effort and work she puts into making sure my pooch is clean, smells great and has a lot less loose hair to come off in my house.

Posted by: Joanne F., 9/23/2009
Beth Deuel does an amazing job on my dogs. They smell wonderful for weeks.

Posted by: Rachel S., 9/18/2009
Gladis Duante is so wonderful with the dogs. Our lab is very excitable, and she is able to successfully give him a great bath every time. Thanks Gladis for making our pooch smell and look beautiful.

Posted by: Joe B., 9/18/2009
Beth at Poochmobile is the best groomer my dogs have ever had. She comes to them, so they aren’t “stored” in a kennel or exposed to any diseases. They love her and don’t have any trauma associated with grooming like they did before. She does an amazing job on getting all of their shedding hair out so that they are truly clean. They smell wonderfull for weeks because of the leave in conditioner and their coats are so much more shiny than they were before we started using her. She just has a way with dogs that you know she truly loves what she does. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Posted by: Robert G., 9/18/2009
Richard and Gladis, both, are professional and a pleasure to do business with and our “Kees” love them. Gladis, now our regular groomer, has an excellent knowledge of the proper grooming for Keeshonds. She, also, is a very active member of the English Springer Spaniel rescue group here in the Metro area. Mobile groomer is the ONLY way to go!

Posted by: Wendi W., 9/18/2009
This team really understands your animal. My dog looks forward to having them out and wags his tail crazily when they pull up outside. What a great, affordable convenience with nice, caring people!

Posted by: Kathy M., 9/18/2009
Gladyis grooms my golden retriever and she always looks so clean and radiate. I would highly recommend.

Posted by: Lisza G., 9/18/2009
I love the Pooch Mobile… my dog loves him too! They are so friendly, they are easy to schedule around your time and come to your house so you don’t have to take your dog to a groomer that has tons of other dogs waiting. Pooch Mobile is very gentle with my older dog and makes him smell soo good.

Posted by: Leeann B., 9/17/2009
I love that they come right to my house – which minimizes the stress to my dogs, and also keeps them smelling clean longer! it is a great service – and Beth is espcially great. She really loves her work, and is genuinely concerned about each dog.

Posted by: Juliette S., 9/17/2009
My dog has never been groomed this good. Plus it’s so convenient; especially for a dog who hates the car ride.

Posted by: Cheris L., 9/17/2009
Beth Duel has been grooming my four Weimaraners for a little over a year now and I couldn’t be more pleased. Unlike Kennel grooming, she really gets down through their coats to condition their skin in this dry climate. She also is able to limit their shedding to nearly nothing. They love the experience, love her and smell wonderful for days!

Posted by: Edythrose T., 9/16/2009
i have used the pooch mobile for allmost 2 yrs. they do a great job and it saves going to a groomer that takes 4 or 5 hrs to do.

Posted by: Patricia G., 9/16/2009
Our dog groomer, Gladis Duarte is a true dog lover! She is kind, professional, reliable and takes extra special care of our 13 year old golden retriever. We are glad to have her and look forward to grooming day. She is a gem!

Posted by: Eric S., 9/16/2009
Great service, cheerful guy, excellent results, good price.

Posted by: Dale C., 9/16/2009
Great Service! Don’t Have to haul the dogs anywhere.
Our Groomer Galdis is only a phone call away and always make the dogs look GREAT!

Posted by: Terri C., 9/16/2009
Absolutely the best service for dog grooming. No more hassling to take your dog in the car to the groomer and having to go back to get them. The products they use for bathing are the best!!!
Dogs always smell good and clean for weeks. Would highly recommend The Pooch Mobile to everyone with a dog.

Posted by: JLO, 9/16/2009
Lance with Pooch Mobile is a class act! He is always on time, professional, friendly and treats my dogs with TLC!

Posted by: Chris S., 9/15/2009
Lance, you’re the best! Cody and Calvin can’t wait to see you again.

Posted by: Terri W., 9/15/2009

Posted by: Robin T., 9/15/2009
My new puppy, Buster, is very precious & after meeting Gladis, I knew she would be the perfect groomer for Buster’s first spa treatment. Buster looked great and he was calm throughout the grooming even trying to give little kisses during the process. Gladis delivered more than I expected, and I ended up with a happy puppy. I have subsequently had Gladis groom buster, and after using her services, I wouldn’t have Buster go to anyone else!

Posted by: wineshop, 9/14/2009
my dog loves them! he feels comfortable with them, and they’re very gentle with my dog!

Posted by: Pamela N., 9/14/2009
Our dog has special skin needs. He is a Chinese Crested and was always traumatized by going to the big box groomers. He loves Lance and is always happy after grooming. Lance has been grooming our dog for over a year and we appreciate the care and concern he always shows. Thank you, Lance.

Posted by: Kitty George Hamill, 9/14/2009
They are the best!!! My dogs love them and they have never looked or felt better. I have a dog with many allergies and Pooch Mobile has made all the difference for her. I can’t speak highly enough about their love of dogs and professionalism!

Posted by: o4tony, 9/13/2009
Gladis has been very meticulous in the way she grooms our dogs. We have an older dog who requires additional handling. Gladis has been the only one who has been able to provide this additional care.

Posted by: Denise L, 9/13/2009
Gladis Natividad Duarte is so kind and gentle to our dogs and treats them like they are her own. One of our dogs is older and has difficulty standing for long periods. Gladis gives him rests during the grooming time and ensures he’s comfortable throughout. Our female dog hates baths but always goes willingly with Gladis because Gladis treats her so well.

Posted by: Jennifer C., 9/13/2009
Richard does a wonderful job!

Posted by: Anne J., 9/12/2009
Gladys does a very nice job with our dog. She is flexible, dependable and we appreciate her input. We enjoy doing business with her.

Posted by: maryjohnk, 9/11/2009
Robert has been grooming my almost 15-yr old Akita/Shepherd for about 8 months now. He is so gentle with her and does a great job. If you need a mobile groomer, Robert is your man!

Posted by: A b N., 9/11/2009
Our groomer, lance, is so wonderful with lea. she is a rescue golden and was sciddish at first. lance was so great with her. she loves him and her baths, i highly recommend his service.

Posted by: Kimberly M., 9/11/2009
They are great with my animals! have used them for years.

Posted by: Doug C., 9/11/2009

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