Franchise FAQs

Who is The Pooch Mobile?

The Pooch Mobile is a mobile dog wash and care franchise providing a mobile dog wash service at the customers home.

When and when was The Pooch Mobile founded?

The Pooch Mobile was founded in Australia in 1991.

Does The Pooch Mobile offer franchises outside the USA?

Yes, The Pooch Mobile currently operates in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Malaysia and New Caledonia.

Do I need to be a qualified dog groomer to be considered for a Pooch Mobile franchise?

No, The Pooch Mobile specializes in mobile dog washing. Prior experience is not required.

Is training provided?

Yes, The Pooch Mobile provides a minimum 2 week comprehensive training period, both on-road and in office.

I have never owned a business, is marketing and bookkeeping covered in initial training?

Yes, The Pooch Mobile training includes local area marketing, time management, customer service, product knowledge, money management and goal setting.

Does Pooch Mobile use a van or trailer?

The Pooch Mobile uses a custom built trailer. There are many benefits to a trailer over a van…more affordable to purchase and outfit, less downtime due to mechanic problems, cheaper repairs due to less components, easy to keep sanitized, open design for fresh air flow, plexi-glass sides for customers to see their dog during his wash.

I’ve never towed a trailer, what size is The Pooch Mobile trailer?

The Pooch Mobile mobile unit is 4’ x 6’ and designed for easy towing.

Do I need a garage to put the mobile unit in?

The Pooch Mobile highly recommends all operators have a garage to store the mobile unit while not out working, this will protect the mobile unit from the elements. In snowy climates it is a necessity.

I live in an HOA convent community; will The Pooch Mobile unit fit in my garage?

Yes, The Pooch Mobile unit is designed with a unique flip-down roof and will fit in a standard garage. Having your mobile unit stored at your home will save hundreds of dollars annually in storage fees. Plus time and fuel collecting and returning it to the storage facility each day.

How do I generate customers for my business?

The Pooch Mobile is a 21 year old franchise system with a proven marketing system, during your  initial training you will be given the tools on how to market your business.

Why join a franchise system?

Joining a franchise system over individual business has many benefits...firstly and most importantly, you are never alone as we have a fantastic support team ready to help. Marketing training is provided in your training, whereas many new small businesses fail in their first 12 months as they spent money trying and seeing what would work. Read more…

Do I need my own website?

No, The Pooch Mobile has a professionally designed Pooch Mobile website.

What is an exclusive territory?

An important part of a Pooch Mobile franchise package is an exclusive territory is given to each franchisee. Benefits of an exclusive territory are…short travel time between each appointment, all the self-promotion and marketing that is done in your territory benefits you, your customers will appreciate knowing the person who will be caring for their special family member.

Is this a repeat customer business?

Yes. Everyone knows that a business which has repeat business is a good business. The Pooch Mobile services are used on a bi-weekly and monthly basis by a large percentage of existing customers

Are there ongoing royalties?

Yes, on-going royalties are paid on all franchise territories.

Is there a Pooch Mobile territory available in my area?

The Pooch Mobile has several territories available. Speak with us today to find out if your area is available for purchase.

Do I need to be physically strong to lift dogs?

While washing dogs is a fun activity, it is still physically demanding – therefore it is not recommended for someone with back, shoulder or knee problems. Initial training will teach getting dogs into tub without lifting.

What franchise packages are available?

The Pooch Mobile has a franchise package to suit your lifestyle, from owner operator single businesses to developing and managing an entire state.

Are absentee franchises an option?

Yes, absentee franchise packages are designed for someone looking to invest in a business and have employees or independent contractors preform the daily operations of dog washing.

Can I go out on road with a Pooch Mobile operator to see how The Pooch Mobile works?

Yes we invite potential franchisee to join a Pooch Mobile operator out on road for a discovery day. This is a wonderful way to see the daily operations while washing a puppy or two.

What is the process for buying a Pooch Mobile franchise?

Speak with a Pooch Mobile representative on PH: 702.558.4699. Receive a Franchise Information Pack. Complete an Expressions of Interest Form. Phone meeting to answer any questions and to arrange a Discovery Day. Obtain funding. Sign The Pooch Mobile Franchise Agreement and pay for your new business. Your brand new Pooch Mobile washing unit will be ordered. Let the training and fun begin!

Do I sign an agreement?

Yes, franchise systems have a franchise agreement.

What is the 1-866 number for?

Our 1-866.933.511 number is answered by a messaging service 24/7. Real people answer the phones as The Pooch Mobile, take the customers details and forward the message to the appropriate operator via a text message. This allows The Pooch Mobile to focus on the dog in the hydrobath.

If you live in one of the currently serviced areas and are interested in having your pet maintained by The Pooch Mobile, please feel free to use the on-line booking request form or phone 1-866.933.5111 (24 hours).

If you do not live in an area currently serviced by The Pooch Mobile but would like to be notified when your area is serviced, complete the booking request and you will be contacted as soon as we have a Pooch Mobile operator in your area.

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