Stripping Tool

Safely remove thick undercoats with an undercoat stripping tool.

Please don’t shave my beautiful coat!Saint bernard

Dogs with heavy fur coats such as Saint Bernard’s, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands and Chows should never be shaved, but often need more than just a regular grooming to keep their coats in perfect condition. Dogs such as these have a thick undercoat that needs attention. The undercoat is what most dog owners will see all over their home when the dog is shedding after the winter season. The undercoat can be removed to limit the shedding, keep the dog cooler during the summer months and keep the coat in great condition.

Our ergonomic stripping tool removes loose hair, thins out undercoats, de-mat and de-tangle coats quickly and easily. Specially designed curved blades are made of hardened stainless steel with rounded ends for safety. Strip coats cleanly and effectively leaving coats and skin healthy.

Dematting Tool 1

Stripping will remove the dead and shedding undercoat out of the dog leaving the top outer coat undisturbed, your dog’s beautiful long outer hair will remain untouched. In the end this process will prevent your dog’s coat from clumping up and keep it looking in top condition.

Your local Pooch Mobile professional will be able to demonstrate further how the stripping tool can work for your dog’s coat.

If you live in one of the currently serviced areas and are interested in having your pet maintained by The Pooch Mobile, please feel free to use the on-line booking request form or phone 1-866.933.5111 (24 hours).
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