Trailer Features

It is the best mobile dog bathing system in the World!

Why? Over the years The Pooch Mobile mobile unit has been modified and improved with the help of our franchisees.


All Weather Conditions: The Pooch Mobile Unit is being used in all weather conditions worldwide. Clear windows can be left open for airflow, or closed for protection from the elements. The complete service can be provided from inside The Pooch Mobile Unit.TPM Trailer

Dog Psychology: The Pooch Mobile Unit has been designed with dog psychology in mind. The pooch will feel confident and comfortable with the open design of the mobile unit, which will put them at ease while they are being pampered.

Promoting your Business: Customers and passersby are able to see pooches being pampered. This puts both the pooch and customer at ease and attracts attention for the business.

Advertising Space: The trailer door (inside) is designed to promote services and retail items.

Cleanliness and Appearance: An easy to clean environment ensures The Pooch Mobile Unit is in A1 appearance at all times. The Pooch Mobile Unit can be completely hosed throughout to ensure it can be kept hygienically clean at all times.

Heater and Water Storage: The Hydrobath and 35 Gallon water storage tank are designed with heating elements, so there will always be warm clean water for every dog. The storage tank is essential for the times when the operator may not have access to water.

MF2-2009Exceptional Customer Service: The set-up of The Pooch Mobile Unit ensures exceptional customer service.

Mobile Unit Stored in Garage: The Pooch Mobile unique mobile unit is designed with a flip roof. Simply pull two pins and your dome roof folds in for easy storage in your single home garage. No paying expensive storage fees at off sight storage facilities.

The Pooch Mobile operators never have their back to the customer, which gives the operator the opportunity to visit with them while pampering their pooch.

To learn more about the unique business opportunities available with The Pooch Mobile and to receive a Franchise Information Pack, please fill out the franchise inquiry form.
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