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With the Pooch Mobile, your pooch will enjoy our all-inclusive dog wash services: YEAR ROUND!

  • Hydrobath: A warm fresh water hydrobath massages and cleans your pooch, using the most effective environmentally friendly products helping relieve skin problems and improve coat condition. The Hydrobath system is absolutely the most efficient way to wash and clean your dog.
  • We brush before and after the bath: Brushing gives your dog a healthy appearance by loosening any buildup of grit or grime as well as removing any light matting and/or excess hair.
  • Nail Clipping: Your dog’s feet remain in great shape with careful clipping.
  • Eye & Ear Cleaning: Your dog’s eyes and ears will be checked for infections and hygienically cleaned to remove any buildup of sleep or wax.
  • Drying: Your dog will receive a full blow dry using a handheld warm air dryer. NO CAGE DRYING!
  • Aromatherapy: Offering either a Lavender or Rosemary rinse to ensure a lasting aroma. Lavender – calming benefits for younger dogs. Rosemary – uplifting benefits for older dogs.
  • Deodorize: Our special doggy deodorant and coat conditioner will leave your dog’s coat looking healthy and shiny and your dog will smell beautiful for days.
  • Special Doggy Treat: At the end, we’ll reward your dog with a special treat that also helps to clean their teeth.

                                                               Proof of vaccinations is not required. | *Equipment is sanitized between dog washes.

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OUR GUARANTEE: Your Dog Clean, Flea Free, and Smelling Great … Or It’s FREE!

Mobile Dog Washing in available in Denver, Colorado. Gilbert, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada and Kamuela, Hawaii

Operators are needed for these and other areas so if you are interested in joining our team or maybe becoming an Area Developer and being responsible for a number of operators in your territory please contact us for further details.

Please check payment options with your local Pooch Mobile operator

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Did you know… It is recommended dogs be washed on a 2 – 4 weekly schedule? Call your local Pooch Mobile operator to get your dog booked into a regular schedule today.


Your local Pooch Mobile operator will give you a price based on breed, size, and condition of coat, temperament and regularly scheduled appointments. Prices start at $60.00. Visit our coupon section and print off your new customer coupon.

Cancellation Policy

We appreciate life is hectic, but kindly ask that you please respect our time and give 48 hours’ notice in the event you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, so operators can reallocate your appointment time to another client. Thank you.

*Due to the costs incurred in missed appointments, operators reserve the right to charge a fee for missed appointments.

Please check payment options with your local Pooch Mobile operator

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If you do not live in an area currently serviced by The Pooch Mobile, but would like to be notified when your area is serviced, complete the booking request and you will be contacted as soon as we have a Pooch Mobile operator in your area.