Know the Facts: Poison Prevention for Your Pooch

Any responsible pet owner wants to love and protect their dog or cat as if they were family. One part of this is knowing what you can and can’t feed your pet. This is especially true with dogs who have a very fine-tuned digestive system. Some food that we eat is fine for dogs while [...]

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Ways Your Dog Says I Love You

One of the joys of having a dog is being the recipient of the unconditional love they so happily provide. Sure, every dog owner I know says they love their pet. Many of us actually think of our dogs as being like our children. (Some of them even behave better than our human children.) Now, [...]

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The Importants of Keeping Your Dog’s Nails Clipped

Back when dogs roamed free in the wild their nails would naturally wear down, but now that they have become more domesticated it is important to keep them clipped regularly. When your dog’s nails are left to grow long, they constantly touch the ground creating pain in the top of the nail and foot. If [...]

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The Top Five Reasons To Feed Your Dog Carrots

We all know that carrots are good for us, that they help our eyesight and keep us healthy and strong, but did you know that carrots are also very good for dogs too? Carrots are low in calories and make a really healthy treat option. Here are the five reasons why carrots are a safe [...]

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Why Does My Dog Eat Weird Things?

As pet parents, we have all seen our dogs eat some pretty disgusting or non-food things. We are left shaking our heads and wondering, why? It’s common for puppies to chew on objects as they are teething, and some even digest these foreign objects without any digestive problems. Fortunately, most will grow out of this [...]

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Help your nervous dog relax

Having a nervous or scared dog can be challenging for a dog owner. It takes a lot of patience and understanding. Whether your dog was born with a shy personality (the type that would rather hide than greet a new person) or had some bad experiences that made them fearful, you (understandably) would like them [...]

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Steps To Stop Your Dog From Pulling On The Leash

One of the most common reasons pet owners take their dog to a trainer is for dogs pulling on their leash. While everyone wants to enjoy a nice walk with their pup, it’s no secret that a dog dragging you down the street is nothing short of awful. Teaching your dog to walk nicely on [...]

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6 Things our dogs need from us the most!

Our dogs are our family, and we always want to make sure that they have everything they need. Fundamental things like food, water, and shelter are a given, but what else is necessary to make our dogs’ lives the best they can be? Undivided attention (at least some of the time) It’s important to dedicate some [...]

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Keep your dog happy and safe this summer

In the warmer summer months, there are precautions we need to take to help keep our dogs healthy and safe. Regular grooming Regular grooming can prevent summer skin problems such as flea infestation, especially for dogs with heavy coats. Fleas thrive in moist, humid climates and live off the blood from their hosts. This can [...]

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