Dog Travel Sickness

Yes, dogs can get travel sickness! And it is a real and upsetting problem for many pet owners. It can happen even on short car trips. Puppies and younger dogs are more often troubled by motion sickness as their immature ear structures, which support balance and equilibrium, are not fully developed. In many instances, dogs [...]

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How to Crate Train Your Pooch

Dogs in the wild live in a den, which provides protection and a great deal of psychological satisfaction. All dogs have a strong natural tendency to seek out this type of shelter. In your home, if your dog has no place to call his own, he will make feeble attempts to curl up under a [...]

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Low Bulk Cleansing Diet for Dogs

Most pets experience some type of bacterial infection in their lives. Antibiotics are the most commonly prescribed medication for such issues, specifically oral antibiotics. Antibiotics take care of one part of the issue but there is more work to do once the medication has done its job. Doing a low bulk cleanse is the best [...]

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Living With High Energy Dogs

Running around the yard hyper, getting so excited when you throw him his toy that he runs into things and sometimes even collides with other people, as he only has eyes on that toy! You can exercise him for hours out and about while he chases birds, bee’s and pretty much anything that moves only [...]

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Why Do Dogs Go Crazy (Zoomies) After A Bath?

Many dogs get what owners affectionately call “the zoomies” after a bath. Something about bath-time gets them riled up and they race around the yard or the house, often stopping to roll around on the grass or rub all over a bed, couch, blanket, etc. We’ve all seen it, but the question is, why? What [...]

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January is National Train Your Dog Month

Basic training for your dog doesn’t include hours of non-stop instructions, rather moments of basic commands followed by consistent follow-ups. The first basic commands to teach should be…SIT – STAY – COME, and using hand signals with these command words will ensure your dog will be able to follow these commands at a distance. Tens [...]

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Your Pooch’s Spring Allergies – Itchy & Scratchy

Spring is upon us, and unfortunately so are seasonal allergies. Do dogs get seasonal allergies like humans? Yes, dog allergies are usually caused by the same triggers that occur in our allergies. According to a survey conducted by Novartis Animal Health, over half of pet owners aren’t aware their furry family members can also spend [...]

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