For some of you, there’s no question that your pup will be coming along for all of your summer exploring because, let’s be honest, they’re the best buddy you could ask for. With their natural curiosity to explore and high energy, there’s plenty for you to do in the wilderness and enjoy together. With perfect weather for all things outdoors, camping and hiking are most likely high on your list. Before you go, make sure you’re taking extra precautions to ensure your dog is healthy and healthy.

Prevent your dog from fleas and ticks.

If you don’t already have one, consider a flea and tick prevention routine prescribed by your vet. Of course, fleas and ticks are present in your backyard, but unfortunately, they are even more common in open spaces. Visit your vet and tell them about your trip and the conditions your dog will be in. Check your dog for fleas and ticks each time they come in from outside. A prevention plan only goes so far, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Write down your pup’s must-haves.

It’s easy to forget something when planning and packing for a trip. Make a list of all your dog’s every day and camping necessities. It’s a good idea to update your list yearly as your dog’s needs change as they age. Some things to put on your list are:

  • Food and clean water
  • Food and water bowls
  • Any medications they take
  • All collars and leashes necessary
  • Dog bed
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Pet-safe insect repellent
  • Warm clothes (if applies to your pup)

Pack enough food…and then some.

Most of the time, overpacking is something you try to avoid. When it comes to camping with your dog, it’s likely they will be burning extra calories, especially if they’re coming along with you on every adventure. It’s important to be mindful of your dog’s food consumption and ensure they’re getting enough. Having some extra food on hand guarantees your dog’s nutritional needs will be met. And don’t be surprised if your pooch doesn’t eat as much. The change in location and routine can throw them off, making them stressed, but don’t you worry. Give them some time and they’ll be back to normal. If your pet’s appetite doesn’t go back to normal after your trip, make sure their health is ok and schedule a vet visit.

Bring a few collar and leash options.

Your dog may be trained on a specific type of collar, but it’s good to have a few options on hand, especially if your trip involves various activities. If you’re using a regular collar, having a harness on hand for hiking or swimming helps you control their movement and ensure their safety. For all of you with a regular leash, having a retractable leash on hand is perfect for long walks and hikes, allowing your dog to explore and feel like they have more freedom while still being in your control.

Pack a blanket for extra warmth.

Did you know that dogs lose heat from their noses? The cute nose-to-tail position that we all love so much is meant to trap heat against their bodies. Having a blanket along with their favorite bed will ensure a space to keep them cozy and warm. 

Get all the outdoor mess washed off your pup.

Returning from vacation, you’ll have plenty of unpacking and cleaning to do. Save yourself some time and energy and book an appointment with your local Pooch Mobile Dog Washing Operator to give your dog a scrub. A warm hydrobath is just what your dog needs to wash off the outdoors to feel clean and refreshed.