Dog Behavior

Ways Your Dog Says I Love You

One of the joys of having a dog is being the recipient of the unconditional love they so happily provide. Sure, every dog owner I know says they love their pet. Many of us actually think of our dogs as being like our children. (Some of them even behave better than our human children.) Now, [...]

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Why Does My Dog Eat Weird Things?

As pet parents, we have all seen our dogs eat some pretty disgusting or non-food things. We are left shaking our heads and wondering, why? It’s common for puppies to chew on objects as they are teething, and some even digest these foreign objects without any digestive problems. Fortunately, most will grow out of this [...]

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Help your nervous dog relax

Having a nervous or scared dog can be challenging for a dog owner. It takes a lot of patience and understanding. Whether your dog was born with a shy personality (the type that would rather hide than greet a new person) or had some bad experiences that made them fearful, you (understandably) would like them [...]

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Steps To Stop Your Dog From Pulling On The Leash

One of the most common reasons pet owners take their dog to a trainer is for dogs pulling on their leash. While everyone wants to enjoy a nice walk with their pup, it’s no secret that a dog dragging you down the street is nothing short of awful. Teaching your dog to walk nicely on [...]

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Dog Travel Sickness

Yes, dogs can get travel sickness! And it is a real and upsetting problem for many pet owners. It can happen even on short car trips. Puppies and younger dogs are more often troubled by motion sickness as their immature ear structures, which support balance and equilibrium, are not fully developed. In many instances, dogs [...]

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Living With High Energy Dogs

Running around the yard hyper, getting so excited when you throw him his toy that he runs into things and sometimes even collides with other people, as he only has eyes on that toy! You can exercise him for hours out and about while he chases birds, bee’s and pretty much anything that moves only [...]

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