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Did you know a mile is 5,280 feet? With an elevation of 5,280 above sea level, Denver, Colorado is known as “The Mile High City”.

Denver dog groomingLocated in the US Mountain time zone of the Rocky Mountain region, Denver’s climate has a very dry “desert” like climate. Most Denver residents are pooch lovers – in fact 1 of every 3 homes has at least 1 dog! According to the 2010 census, Denver has 177,000 dogs to human population of 600,000,

Denver has many dog parks in the city as in surrounding towns, cities, county, and suburbs.

With an average of over 300 sunny days per year in Colorado, this makes it a great for place for outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and mountain biking and camping. Colorado has 53 mountains above 14,000 ft., these are commonly referred to as 14ers. Although outdoor activities are popular, Colorado pooches are mostly indoor pets.

dog washing DenverEven with an average of 33 days of snow received in Colorado, Pooch Mobile operators are still out caring for your pooch to ensure they are kept clean and smelling great! Operators work year round – The Pooch Mobile mobile units are designed to operate in ALL conditions, whether it is sunny, raining or snowing.

Due to the low humidity in the Denver area, the flea population is relatively non-existent; however, after a wet winter the population may increase. Pooches that camp with their families may need flea & tick rinse from time to time. The dry climate in Denver may create dry flaky skin for your pooch. The knowledgeable Pooch Mobile operators will help you with all of your pooch’s skin and coat problems by using our specially formulated and environmentally friendly shampoos.

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