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Doesn’t your pet deserve to feel good every day? Whether young or old, all pets need more than processed food to feel their best. They need a daily source of live food enzymes.

If you are feeding your pet one of today’s popular processed pet food, then chances are, your pet’s body is depleted of the primary enzyme precursors nature provides abundantly in all living foods.

Check out the Nzymes website to see how Nzymes can help your pet, read the incredible stories and before and after photos.

The Pooch Mobile Dog Wash is a distributor of Nzymes products. Simply contact your local Pooch Mobile Dog Wash operator to purchase Nzymes products or call The Pooch Mobile Dog Wash Home Office on 702 558 4699 to place an order.

The Denver Dumb Friends League


adopt imageFounded in 1910, the Dumb Friends League is a leader in providing humane care to companion animals—sheltering lost and relinquished pets, adopting pets to new homes, investigating animal cruelty, reducing pet overpopulation, and educating the public about animals and their needs.

The largest community-based animal sheltering organization in the Rocky Mountain region. At the main shelter in southeast Denver, Colo., and our Buddy Center in Castle Rock, Colo., cats, dogs, rabbits and other small pets enjoy the comfort of a nurturing environment in state-of-the-art facilities.

In 2012, the Dumb Friends League expanded their services to include shelter, care and hope for abused and neglected horses, ponies, donkeys and mules (equines).

The Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center, located near Franktown, Colo., provides a safe haven, relief from suffering and opportunities for rehabilitation and adoption.

The Pooch Mobile Dog Wash is a proud supporter of The Denver Dumb Friends League.

Max Fund


Looking for a new furry friend…visit The Max Fund today!

The Max Fund is a True No-Kill animal shelter and adoption center in Denver Colorado.

The Pooch Mobile Dog Wash is a proud supporter of The Max Fund.