Yes, dogs can get travel sickness! And it is a real and upsetting problem for many pet owners. It can happen even on short car trips.

Puppies and younger dogs are more often troubled by motion sickness as their immature ear structures, which support balance and equilibrium, are not fully developed. In many instances, dogs grow out of travel sickness, but in some cases, the problem continues and needs to be addressed.

Tips to help improve travel sickness:

If your dog’s experience of travel has been unpleasant, it is important to re-program them and remove the stress associated with traveling in the car.

  • Plenty of short car journeys that end with a fun trip to the park or beach can help reprogram a dog that is fearful of travel in the car.
  • Don’t feed your dog for at least 3-4 hours before travel and then give a teaspoon of honey just before your journey to help quell feelings of nausea.
  • Make sure the car is well ventilated and not too warm. Try leaving the windows open just a little.
  • Some dogs prefer to lie down on the floor or in the footwell of the car, while other dogs travel better when they can look out the window.

Experiment to work out which is best for your dog.