Yes you do.

Training doesn’thave to involve a long commitment of time. Here’s when:

  • During commercial breaks of your TV show – turn the sound down.
  • While your bagel is toasting.
  • While your coffee is brewing or tea is steeping, or the microwave is working on your next meal.
  • While on the phone (remember, you don’t need to give commands when you’re capturing good behavior).
  • Two minutes before your walk – Don’t indicate the walk in any way, just start running your dog through his commands. Reward each correct response. After the last one, say, “Good dog! Wanna go for a walk?” and go get the leash. This is a jackpot!
  • Two minutes before the dog gets to go on a car ride. See above.
  • Every time you let the dog in or out a door (ask for “sit” or a “down” before you open the door).
  • Every time you put down a food or water dish (ask for “stay” or “leave it” before releasing them to get it).
  • While playing fetch (ask for a “sit” or “down” or other trick before throwing the ball).
  • While your computer is warming up, shutting down, or downloading that slow e-mail or website.
  • When you walk out to pick up the paper or mail (wait at doorways, walk on a loose leash, etc.)
  • Every time you start an interaction with your dog. Don’t interact with him unless he is calm and polite – especially when you first come home. Ignore him (pretend he’s not there, give him the cold shoulder) if he’s being wild or noisy.