We have all seen the videos of the newly-adopted dog smiling and jumping happily as he leaves the shelter to go his forever home. Those adoption videos are our favorite!

But some dogs are not ready to be adopted immediately after arriving at the shelter. Some need to be fostered first in order to be adopted at a later date. But why? How does it help the pooch? And how does it benefit you? We have the answers, of course!

Why would a dog need fostering?

The fact is, some dogs are not ready for shelters, and this occurs for a variety of reasons- he’s a small puppy, he has an injury or he doesn’t have the social skills to interact with other dogs and people. Another reason is that the local shelter simply doesn’t have enough room.

By fostering, you’re laying the groundwork for a dog to become happy and healthy and be part of a forever home (and be the star of another amazing video).

Four-Footed Company

As we all know, all dogs, including foster dogs, can be wonderful companions. If the foster dog has social issues, he may take a while to warm up to you. But almost inevitably, he will become your walking buddy and your fetching partner. Many studies have shown that having a dog, even a temporary one, is good for you. Include the mental health benefits of volunteering via fostering, and you’ll have many opportunities to feel good about yourself!

You Provide Help To A Pooch That Really Needs It

Need another reason to feel good about yourself? By fostering, you’ll be providing severely-needed help to a pooch that is relying on you. Many dogs in foster homes have a history of neglect and abuse. Just think of how good you’ll feel as you see your new friend grow, become friendlier and return your love and affection. You’ll truly be having a profound impact on his life.

Fostering Prepares You For Owning A Pooch

Unsure about owning a dog? Concerned that he might not fit into your life, or that you may not have the time to devote to him? Fostering is a great way to experience owning a dog, to learn your strengths as an owner, and to see if ownership is really right for you. All shelters provide great support and advice in your journey toward dog ownership.

Four Legs, Few Dollars

Another concern people have in owning a dog is the expense. In addition to being unsure if you’re right for dog ownership, you’ll need to pay for food, vet visits, toys, supplies and maybe a walker. These costs add up, and fast. It’s been estimated that the annual cost of owning a dog is between $1500 and $10,000.

But if you foster, most shelters will cover much of the costs, including food. Make sure you check in with your local shelter first; but if you want some pooch companionship, but you’re not in the proper financial situation at the moment, fostering is a terrific option.

Puppy Love At First Sight

Many people foster a number of dogs throughout their life, feeling proud in the fact that they have played a critical role in enhancing the pooch’s life and finding them a forever home.

But sometimes, despite any misgivings, a foster parent grows attached to a dog, and there’s no need to return to the shelter. The parent and the pooch have found their own new best friends!

We have seen this happen a lot. And if you’re not careful, it may happen to you.

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