The Pooch Mobile would like to wish all of you, and of course your pooches, Happy Holidays!

Did you know that Friday, December 18th is National Underdog Day? We know America loves the underdog. When it comes to underdogs, we usually think of sports figures or unsung movie heroes. But we all know that shelter dogs are America’s true underdogs! Shelter dogs are often wonderful companions who just need a second chance in a forever home.

And what better time to adopt than the holidays? This year has been a stressful one for many, and the holidays can sometimes be stressful, regardless of the year. But your pooch can help you destress and enjoy many fun activities while you celebrate the holidays.

Tour the Christmas lights in your neighborhood with your pooch in tow. Checking out the lights and decorations is a holiday tradition; make it one for your pooch, too! While getting into the holiday spirit, your four-legged pal will enjoy the exercise and being by your side. He’ll probably run into other pooches as well.

Include your pooch in the family photo. You know you’ll be dressing up in a hilariously ugly sweater this year. Dress up your pooch in one as well, and take a fun family photo! Your dog will love being in the center, surrounded by his loving family. And it may be the only time this year you’ll get him to sit still. Seeing him behave may even encourage your kids to do the same. Right? (Or maybe not.) The best part is that you’ll be preserving for your entire family a wonderful and memorable holiday experience.

Hang a stocking for your pooch. While he can’t tell you what he wants for the holidays, you know what his favorites are. Put up a stocking and fill it with pooch-friendly holiday goodies, whether it’s treats or toys. And don’t forget to include a fun gift for you, be it a new leash, doggie bags or a grooming brush.

Traveling for the holidays? Take your pooch with you! Traveling often means getting a pet sitter or placing your pooch in a kennel. But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are now a wide variety of options available for people who want to take their dogs with them when jetting around. Many destinations provide dog-friendly restaurant and hotel options for the four-legged traveler. Many websites, like and AirBnB, make it easy. Just click that box specifying dog-friendly accommodations.

The Pooch Mobile wishes you, your families and your pooches a safe and happy holiday season!