Caring for their fur babies is always a top priority for dog owners. However, during the spring there are a few additional things to worry about than during other seasons of the year. For your benefit, we’ve done some research and have put together a list of concerns for you to keep in mind this spring:


Winter is over and the bugs are starting to come out. This is a great time to check up on your dog’s heartworm medication. If it’s been over a year since they’ve had it, time to get some more! This is also a great time to start using flea and tick protection. There are many shampoos available but make sure to talk to your vet first to ensure you get the right medication.

It’s getting hot!

Although the sun feels oh-so-nice after winter, it can still get hot. Be careful when taking your dog places or going on a walk. Sitting in a car in the sun is not good for any living animal, let alone a dog, so make sure you don’t do that.

If you are able to keep the car running with the AC going, a small trip to a store is okay, but not for hours at a time. Also, check the pavement. If it is a particularly hot day, the pavement can injure your dog’s feet. There are little booties for dogs available if you want to be safe, or you can keep your dog in a grassy area.

Plants are not always friends.

Dogs, in general, are curious, and puppies even more so. With spring there are a lot of plants and flowers blooming. Not all of these plants are good to eat though! Flowers such as lilies can be fatal to your pup if ingested. Be careful where you let your pup wander when it’s being curious. These plants can cause allergic reactions, so be on the lookout for any strange behavior or skin changes.

Spring cleaning!

It’s the time of the year most homeowners give their houses a good cleaning. Instead of using normal cleaners and chemicals, try to use pet-friendly ones. Cleaning your entire house with chemicals that are not pet-friendly can cause outcomes you may not like.

Screen it!

When it comes to spring, opening up your window to get some much needed fresh air is a wonderful thing. It can also be a scary thing! If you don’t have screens in your windows, your pup may see something outside that it likes very much, and they just might go for it. With nothing there to stop them, this can cause major injuries or even be fatal. If you can’t put a screen in, try to just crack the windows open until you can find a better way to protect your pup from falling out.

Hydration is key!

It’s going to get hot out. Having water readily available will help with the cool down process and keep your dog from overheating. Try to carry at least a full water bottle when out with your dog so you have something to hydrate them.

Spending life with a dog is a wonderful thing and can be a lot of fun. Being a responsible dog owner takes a little discipline, but it’s worth it. Your dog will love you more and be very happy that you care so much for them. You’ll be happy that your dog is happy and the circle continues. Have fun and enjoy the nice weather!