Many are still puzzled about what Hydrobaths really are and how they can help in taking better care of dogs. Some may even see it as a piece of indulgent equipment, since bathing dogs can easily be done with a water hose and a friendly soap, depending on the needs of the dogs coat.

4mnth_old_rottie_cracknell_1However, what you should know is that a hydrobathing dog wash is one good way to take best care and pamper your dogs as it works magnificently as a grooming method with so many other benefits that your pet dog can take advantage of. To help you unlock the mystery over these equipments, here are answers to some commonly asked questions along with the needed facts.

  • A Hydrobath is a combination bathtub and power bather that uses a specially designed recirculation pump. This pump produces a high volume mix of water and shampoo delivered powerfully enough to penetrate the thickest coats, yet gently enough to massage the skin.
  • The Pooch Mobile hydrobath uses only 5 gallons of water per dog wash, which is a vast saving on water usage than the traditional home bathing using the backyard hose.
  • Because the solutions are added to the water collection tank they therefore mix with the water and are sprayed at pressure penetrating through the dogs coat and onto their skin where most problems occur. Depending on the solutions used they may help cure or prevent skin infections or kill fleas or other parasites.
  • A hydrobath dog wash with warm fresh water (Pooch Mobile Hydrobaths all have heating elements which can be used to preset the temperature of the water) can help prevent arthritis through the massaging effect of the hydrobath.
  • Not only that but you do not get wet and your bathroom is left clean and dry.
  • A dog requires deep cleaning of their coats for a good number of reasons. One is for parasite control. As parasites always come from the outside then start lingering in the coats in their way to climb into the insides of your pet, a thorough cleaning is highly recommended regularly, most especially if they are already inflicted with the pests.
  • Hydrobaths, when used correctly, achieve great results in curing skin disorders and promoting hair growth. The proof is in our customers comments
  • Hydrobaths are also simply amazing for just pampering your pets. The hydro-combing action of the spray head will help a lot in stimulating the skin, in turn, providing a good massage for your pet, allowing better blood circulation, and relieving of tired muscles which are especially good for older dogs.
  • Hydrobaths guarantee a cleaner feel to your pets, whatever breed they may be, as there is no such thing as a thick coat with the penetrating ability of these equipment.

Pooch Mobile operators are extensively trained in the operation of the baths in order to achieve and maintain the best well being of the customers pets.