Basic training for your dog doesn’t include hours of non-stop instructions, rather moments of basic commands followed by consistent follow-ups.

The first basic commands to teach should be…SIT – STAY – COME, and using hand signals with these command words will ensure your dog will be able to follow these commands at a distance.

Tens of thousands of good dogs are surrendered to shelters and euthanized each year for bites and incidences of aggression which could have been easily avoided if the owner took the time to train the dog.

Find what your dog is most motivated or passionate about, that could be treats or a favorite toy. Use this motivation to assist with training and reward and praise each time the commands are followed. Puppies can have a very short attention span, so make training in intervals of 5-10 minutes periods, and then have a play break and train for another short period.

Most of all MAKE TRAINING FUN and you will have a happy dog and a happy household.