If you’re a hardcore dog lover like us, the 4th of July can be kind of hectic. A lot of dogs feel stressed and afraid around fireworks. Instead of planning what you’ll be eating and where, you might find yourself planning to keep your dog at ease. We’ve put together some tips to make sure your pup has a stress-free holiday.


Make sure your dog has proper identification for the holiday. Should they panic and run away, anyone who finds them will be able to return them to you. Provide contact information and, if you’re comfortable, your address. Even if you think they can’t get out, they probably can find a way. Play it safe!


Having a hyper dog on the 4th can make things that much worse. Get in some good exercise before any fireworks begin to get your pup tuckered out. They’re more likely to be relaxed when the booms begin.


If it’s at all possible, keep your pets indoors during the fireworks. Leaving them outside to stress about the noise could result in them being forced into fight or flight mode. If they do, they will do whatever it takes to escape, including jumping high fences and squeezing into tight places.

Drown Out The Noise

Shut your windows and doors and turn on your AC or your fans. Find the quietest room in the house to hang out. You can even turn on your TV or some music to cover up the sound of the fireworks. You want a lot of noise without any of it being too loud.

Distract With Treats & Toys

Try to keep them distracted during the fireworks. Use their favorite toys and treats to keep them preoccupied. A good chew toy or game will keep their mind off of the noise for a while.

Rescue Remedy or CBD Oil

If your dog is prone to stress or anxiety, consider a homeopathic remedy you can drop into your dog’s mouth to help keep them calm. These are available on Amazon or at many pet stores. You can also use CBD oil if you’d like. Several companies make some specifically for animals.


A Thundershirt is a special jacket that you put on your dog to help them feel more safe and secure. They were designed to ease dogs’ anxiety during thunderstorms. Some dogs do not respond to Thundershirts but when used in conjunction with some of the tips mentioned above, you can rest assured that your dog has a stress-free holiday.

You could also opt to simply get out of the city and go somewhere that you won’t hear any fireworks. Take a weekend camping trip in the mountains or head out to a lake for a day on the water. Being secluded likely means no fireworks. We hope these tips will help you and your dog have a happy and relaxed 4th of July!