This month’s blog is all about grooming and hygiene, which is something Poochmobile knows a lot about! Right now, we’re in the middle of summer and our pups are probably outside a lot more. This means that grooming and hygiene are even more important than usual. Here are some tips about hygiene and grooming for your dog.

Grooming is something that is essential for any type of dog whether they have a little or a lot of fur. While most dogs have a scheduled time for grooming appointments, it’s important to make sure they are being groomed in-between, to ensure they stay healthy. Sometimes, dogs can get pretty dirty in between their scheduled grooming. It’s recommended you bathe your dog every 1-3 months. By keeping products such as dog shampoo, conditioner, and a good brush on hand, you can keep your pooch looking good in-between appointments. Of course, we still recommend getting your dog professionally groomed so they can receive our A+ treatment.

Along with grooming, also comes dog hygiene. Hygiene applies to a lot of things and is very important for dogs. Some ways to practice good dog hygiene are grooming in between appointments, cleaning food and water bowls every 2-3 days, brushing your dog’s teeth around 2-3 times a week, and cleaning their toys and bedding frequently. It is important to brush dogs’ teeth one-three times a week so no plaque builds up which can put them at risk for gum disease. Grooming your dogs on a regular basis will also help prevent them from getting little critters like fleas and lice. Keeping up with your dogs’ hygiene is necessary to keep them safe and healthy.Hopefully, these tips have shown why grooming and hygiene are a necessity for dogs that should be taken seriously to ensure your dog is happy and healthy. We are here and happy to help with all your grooming needs. Book your pup’s appointment today!