Mobile Dog Wash FAQs

Mobile Dog Wash FAQs2017-02-02T22:56:55-07:00
Do you come to my home?2017-02-02T22:03:42-07:00

Yes, The Pooch Mobile is a convenient mobile service that drives to the customer’s home.

What is included in a Pooch Mobile service?2017-02-02T22:03:09-07:00

Brushing – Hydrobath – Nail Clip – Ear & Eye Clean – Blow Dry – Deodorize – Aromatherapy Rinses – Free doggie treat.

My dog is shedding, what will help?2017-02-02T22:02:38-07:00

Regular washing with The Pooch Mobile will help reduce shedding.

Do I see the same groomer each appointment?2017-02-02T22:02:02-07:00

Yes, The Pooch Mobile has operators assigned to each area.

Do I need to show proof of my dog’s vaccinations prior to appointment?2017-02-02T22:00:45-07:00

No, proof of vaccinations is not required by The Pooch Mobile.

What is a hydrobath?2017-02-02T21:59:55-07:00

A hydrobath is a veterinarian approved dog washing tub – the very best dog washing system.

Do you trim the dog’s nails?2017-02-02T21:59:19-07:00

Yes, nail clipping is included in service at no extra charge.

Do you brush the dog’s teeth?2017-02-02T21:58:43-07:00

No, teeth cleaning is not part of The Pooch Mobile service. Dog’s teeth should be cleaned as often as our own; therefore brushing dog’s teeth every 2 – 6 weeks will have very little benefit to the dog.

Do you have a travel charge to come to my home?2017-02-02T21:58:05-07:00

No, The Pooch Mobile NEVER charges for travelling to the customer’s home.

Is “grey water” discarded in city drainage?2017-02-02T21:57:31-07:00

No, all waste water is collected and disposed of on private property.

Do you offer a “style or full shave” service?2017-02-02T21:56:53-07:00

The Pooch Mobile specialties in mobile dog washing. We do have limited number of operators offering style cuts. Please check with your local operator.

Do you provide your own water?2017-02-02T21:56:17-07:00

Yes, The Pooch Mobile has a pre-heated water tank in all mobile units.

Is the water heated?2017-02-02T21:55:36-07:00

Yes, each dog is washed in warm water.

Do you use fresh water?2017-02-02T21:55:02-07:00

Yes, each dog is washed in fresh water.

Is the hydrobath and equipment sanitized between dogs?2017-02-02T21:54:24-07:00

Yes, Pooch Mobile operators sanitize between each dog washed.

Which shampoos do you use?2017-02-02T21:53:48-07:00

The Pooch Mobile uses specially formulated shampoos which are hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, PH Balanced for dog’s skins and shampoos are soap free.

Are Pooch Mobile operators licensed and insured?2017-02-02T21:53:09-07:00

Yes, Pooch Mobile operators are independent business owners who are licensed and insured.

Is my dog returned to me dry?2017-02-02T21:52:22-07:00

Yes, full blow dry is included in The Pooch Mobile service.

Do you use a cage dryer?2017-02-02T21:50:44-07:00

No. The Pooch Mobile only uses hand held warm air blow dryers.

Do you have a cancellation policy?2017-02-02T21:51:50-07:00

Yes. We appreciate life is hectic, but kindly ask that you please respect our time and give 48 hours’ notice in the event you need to cancel your appointment, so operators can reallocate your appointment time to another client.

Do you charge for missed appointments?2017-02-02T21:49:31-07:00

Yes, Pooch Mobile operators can charge customers for a missed appointment if less than 24 hours notification is given.

I lost the phone number for The Pooch Mobile operator for my area…who can I call?2017-02-02T21:48:58-07:00

Use the zip code locator from the Home page to locate your local Pooch Mobile operator or call 1-866.933.5111 (24/7).

What is the 1-866 number for?2017-02-02T21:04:52-07:00

Our 1-866.933.511 number is answered by a messaging service 24/7. Real people answer the phones as The Pooch Mobile, take the customers details and forward the message to the appropriate operator via a text message. This allows The Pooch Mobile to focus on the dog in the hydrobath.

If you live in one of the currently serviced areas and are interested in having your pet maintained by The Pooch Mobile, please feel free to use the on-line booking request form or phone 1-866.933.5111 (24 hours).

If you do not live in an area currently serviced by The Pooch Mobile but would like to be notified when your area is serviced, complete the booking request and you will be contacted as soon as we have a Pooch Mobile operator in your area.