The Pooch Mobile Hair & Coat Products

AJ_with_hat_on_logThe Pooch Mobile use only the finest, highest quality made shampoos to ensure a superior finish to your dog’s coat.

These shampoos are specially designed for the use in hydrobath’s and are all Environmentally Friendly. Our products are all PH selected specially for dogs’ skin to achieve the best possible results for the dog.

The Pooch Mobile has a wide range of solutions to suit varying conditions for your dog. (Herbal shampoo, Medicated shampoo,  Aromatherapy Rinses, and Deodorizes)

Your operator is skilled in identifying the right shampoo to gain the very best results.

Our Guarantee – Your Dog Clean, Flea Free and Smelling Great…Or It’s FREE!

Shampoos – Herbal – Pink – White

The Pooch Mobile Concentrated Shampoos are based on unique formulations of natural ingredients each with superior cleaning capabilities and with their individual fragrances.

Sensitive Skin Shampoo

The Pooch Mobile Sensitive Skin Shampoo contains Pine Tar, Palm Tree, Coconut, Neem and Vitamin E Oil to help clean, condition and moisturize the skin and coat. It’s excellent to help with skin infections and dry skin.

Exclusive Aromatherapy Range – Lavender – Rosemary

The Pooch Mobile Aromatherapy rinses contain pure Essential Oils and Vitamin E to provide your pooch with a beautiful, pleasant fresh aroma and add luster and conditioner to your pet’s coat. These rinses are designed to be added to our other range of solutions. Let your dog experience the benefits of our Unique Aromatherapy range.

The Pooch Mobile Herbal Deodorant and Coat Conditioner

This unique formulation will ensure your dog will shimmer, shine and smell beautiful for days.

The Pooch Mobile Cologne Coat Gloss Detangler for All Animals

This unique formulation combines anti-static detangling properties, deodorizing agents; gloss enhancing natural oil extracts and organically derived long lasting cologne.

The Pooch Mobile Hydrobath Disinfectant

The Pooch Mobile Disinfectant is a powerful high concentration germicide, but gentle multi-purpose formulation that disinfects, cleans, deodorizes and re-deodorizes leaving a pleasant clean odor. It has been specifically formulated to clean hydrobath and associated equipment. It is also ideal for floors, toilets, washrooms, kennels etc.

If you live in one of the currently serviced areas and are interested in having your pet maintained by The Pooch Mobile, please feel free to use the on-line booking request form or phone 1-866.933.5111 (24 hours).

If you do not live in an area currently serviced by The Pooch Mobile but would like to be notified when your area is serviced, complete the booking request and you will be contacted as soon as we have a Pooch Mobile operator in your area.