winter dog care and safetyWinter is in full swing and that means you have some extra preparation to do when it comes to walks and outside playtime with your pup. Just like humans, your dogs’ body does its best to adapt to the colder temperatures, and some of them need a little extra help to stay cozy, warm, and healthy. Here are your cold-weather tips to help keep your dog safe this winter.

A Coat

Wrap your pup up in a coat. Some dogs have a natural winter coat, like a Husky or Newfoundland, but not all have that luxury. Find one designed to keep them warm and does not limit their mobility.

Paw Care

Getting your dog to wear booties can be tricky, we know, so if your dog refuses to strap on some winter shoes, make sure paw hair is kept short. Hair gets wet in the snow and can freeze or remain cold and wet when they get back indoors. Keeping it short and clean is key to happy paws. Ask your Pooch Mobile operator to trim your pup’s paws.

Dry Feet

After each walk, use a towel to dry your pet’s feet and stomach to remove ice, salt, and chemicals. Look for sneaky snow or ice balls that can build up between their foot pads as well. Check for redness or cracks in the paw pads, and treat them with an animal-safe treatment like coconut oil or any paw protectant before taking them outside. This will protect them from road salt and other chemicals.

Salt and Deicers

Avoid salt and deicers whenever possible. Not only is it bad for their paws, but if ingested can be toxic to their body. Be aware of treated areas like chemical deicers that are used on sidewalks or car windshields. Keep your pup away from it all.

Keep Their Coat Long

Short in the summer, long in the winter. A longer coat will provide more warmth for your dog. If their hair is naturally long, a trim will minimize the chances of clinging ice balls and those harsh outdoor chemicals. Regular appointments with your Pooch Mobile operator will ensure your pup is tidy and clean!

The harsh winter weather brings a wide variety of concerns when it comes to being a responsible dog owner. Pay extra attention to man’s best friend and their wellbeing during the winter season to ensure the both of you enjoy the season to its fullest. Keep these winter care tips in mind before going out for your next walk or playtime. And remember, extra cuddles are a great way to keep everyone’s body warm!