As a mobile dog washing service, we enjoy the pleasure of seeing some crazy canine costumes every year around Halloween. It’s one of the best perks of the job! As it turns out, we groom the dogs of some pretty clever owners. Get your last dose of the spooky season with our roundup of this year’s best Halloween dog costumes.

Dino Dog

Simple, but effective. Beware the vicious Dino Dog! We love how the dog’s head comes out of the dinosaur’s mouth. And that this menacing costume is on such a small dog. It looks so funny when the dog runs!

Construction Dog

Not on my site, pal. Look at this grumpy construction worker complete with hard hat and glasses! It’s the perfect costume for this good boy/girl. Not here for a good time, here to get stuff done! A+ costume in our book.

Hot Dog

Talk about the perfect costume! Somewhat of a classic, but it still gets us every time. Your dog will definitely cause some chuckles in this thing. At least one Halloween of every dachshund’s life should be spent in this costume. That is one Hot Dog!

Super Dog

Never fear, Super Dog is here! You won’t have to worry about goblins and ghouls on Halloween with this guy/girl by your side. This is another one that’s way better in person because you get to see him/her walk or run. Try not to laugh when you see the little fake arms wobbling around. You can’t!

Pirate Dog

Ahoy, matie! Drop a treat or ye’ll be forced to walk the plank! We never thought a hook hand would be so cute. This salty sea dog is perfect if you live near the water, but it will certainly turn some heads no matter where you are!

If these doggy costumes didn’t bring a smile to your face, we don’t know what will! What we DO know is that a dirty, smelly pup is sure to wipe a smile off of your face, and washing that dog isn’t very fun either. Don’t worry, we’ll do it for you! Get your dog professionally washed and groomed right from the convenience of your home with The Pooch Mobile dog washing service. Book your appointment today!