Summer is not just for newly liberated students, but also a time to entertain your pets! Did you know dogs are especially prone to heat stroke in the summer? They only sweat through their paws and panting isn’t always an effective technique at a thorough cool down. Sometimes an extra effort is needed for your pet to achieve relief on those scorching summer days. Here are some inventive ways to keep your pet cool and entertained this summer.

1. SUP with Your Dog

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great option to include a pet in your exercise routine. This versatile sport can be done in oceans, lakes, or rivers, and dogs will love to ride along. If your pet becomes overheated, they can simply jump overboard and achieve an instant cool down! Plus, they will love the vistas of the surrounding natural landscapes.

2. Host a Pet Pool Party

Pool parties aren’t just for humans! Fill up a kiddie or dog pool with ice and cold water and your pet will be instantly relieved of their summer heat. You can even invite other dogs and make this a dog pool party!

3. Make a Frozen Treat Bowl

Select your dog’s favorite treats and freeze them in a water and chicken stock mixture. When they’re ready, arrange the treats in a bowl and let your pet indulge in a backyard feast. Give these blueberry-yogurt frozen dog treats a try:

4. Outdoor Cooling Station

The summer heat inevitably draws out certain unsavory smells from your dog. To avoid this aroma from mixing with your cooking dinner, set up a cooling station with a hose to spray your dog down. Your dog will doubly benefit from the cold spritz and their odor-free pelt.

5. Plan a Doggie Happy Hour

Ask the regulars from the dog park or the neighborhood to attend a weekly front yard happy hour. This can be BYOB or you can provide different summer cocktails each week. Cold water should be included for the dogs, and a nearby hose to keep everyone cool and satiated. This is a great way to socialize with other locals and their dogs.

6. Go to a Drive-in Movie with Your Dog

Have you ever wanted to include your dog in a summer date night? A drive-in movie is the perfect solution! The outdoor location allows your dog to enjoy the show reclined on a blanket outside the car. Choose a time after dark to ensure a cooler temperature and pack cold drinks for both you and your doggie.

7. Visit Your Local Public Pool’s Dog Swim Day

When most public pools close for the season, dogs are welcome to come swim for a day or two. Many dog pool days include games and contests. Your pet will love this opportunity to run into the pool and splash around with their friends.

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