Contrary to what you’ve heard, all dogs shed. They just shed at different rates. Depending on the breed, it’s a once or twice a year event (or possibly a year-round battle), and we know it’s not ideal. You manage because you love your pup. Well, for most owners, it’s that time of year.

During this season, additional attention will need to be paid to your dog’s coat, including frequent grooming sessions, additional brushing, and an extra bath or two. Although you’ll be spending extra time on your dog’s hair maintenance, they’ll look better, feel better, and you’ll save time in the end when it comes to cleaning up all those loose hairs. Having the right brush and tools for your dog’s coat is key to getting on top of the fur purge.

Choose the Right Tools For Your Dog

Having the right brush can help your grooming process, especially if your dog sheds frequently. Just ask your Pooch Mobile Operator. They know all about brushes, and if you need help choosing the right one, they’re just the person to ask. Here are some things to keep in mind based on your dog’s coat.

Shorter Coats (Weimaraners, Great Danes, Pugs, Italian Greyhound) 

  • You can easily loosen dead hair with a natural-bristle brush or a glove with bristles on the palm for these types of coats.
  • If using a natural-bristle brush, brush in the opposite direction of hair growth to pull dead hair out, then brush in the direction of hair growth to remove it. Repeat this process a few times to remove all the hair and distribute the natural oils from the skin all over the coat.
  • If using a glove, massage the coat in a circular motion to loosen the hair, then “brush” in the direction of hair growth. Repeat a few times.

Long Coats (Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Collies, Irish Setter)

  • For these coats, you need a tool that can reach down under the outer coat to grab the undercoat and pull out the dead hairs. Slicker brushes are great tools for this. Go over the coat in both directions a few times until you’re pulling out less and less hair from the brush.
  • When shedding happens at a faster rate, switch to a coat rake or shedding tool. Pull the tool along the coat in the direction of hair growth, then pull up and away.

The most important thing to remember during shedding season is to remove dead hair with regular brushing, combing, and baths like our hydrobath. This type of bath has environmental solutions added to the water which penetrates directly into your dog’s coat and onto the skin, releasing dead hair more than any other form of washing, helping reduce shedding.

With The Pooch Mobile Operator coming right to your home, no more soggy towels, water clean up, or vacuuming of hair in your bathroom. We don’t just give your dog a bath. We care about your dog’s well-being. Click here to book a wash today!