Beg, Bow & Bark

As with all training, the key is having the right timing to reward your pooch. Too early or too late and your pooch will think he has done the right thing for something else and will get confused. It’s best to use a short sharp word like ‘yes’ when he has done the right thing. And remember, the key to good training is reward, not punishment.


Sit your dog then put your arm just above his head (not too high) and tap your arm with your other hand so your pooch knows you want him to put his paws up on your arm. As you do this, say ‘beg’. Only reward him with ‘yes’ when he is doing this correctly. From there if your dog has good balance you can tell him to stay and move your arm away slowly. Not all dogs have the balance to do this without the stability of your arm. Practice!


For this you need to have a small treat in your hand, lower your hand down to the ground so your dog’s head follows and say ‘Bow’. At the same time with the other hand firmly place it under their tummy lifting it up slightly so your dog is unable to drop. As soon as your pooch is doing the correct movement say ‘yes’ in an excited voice and give them the treat. Practice!


For this one you need to get your pooch really excited. If he has something that makes him bark like a favorite toy or another trick that he loves doing like spinning around and barks each time, work off that. Say speak and close and open your hand at the same time and each time he barks reward him with an overly excited ‘yes’. Practice!

Remember all tricks and training take practice with you and your pooch. Its best to only train in short 2 minute bursts throughout the day to keep them focused and interested and always finish a session on a high!