You’ve probably heard the phrase “the dog days of summer,” but did you know that the summer months actually pose some serious risks for our favorite pooches?

When the temperature gets much higher, we tend to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning, but if we aren’t mindful of our dogs, they can get very sick and injured or worse.

With that said, here are important things you need to do to make sure your dog stays safe this summer:

Dogs in cars

Chances are, your dog probably loves to get out and take a ride with you in the car. But you should never take them somewhere if you’re going to have to leave them in the car.

On a hot day (95 degrees) a car’s temperature can climb to 114 degrees in ten minutes and 129 degrees in half an hour. No living creature should be subjected to this cruelty. If you want to run down the street to get a quick burger, you can still bring your pup along and share some of your food with him. But make sure you go through the drive-through and leave the AC cranked to cool off your pet.


Dog walking

If you like getting fresh air and exercise, you should always consider taking your dog along with you. But be careful during the hottest part of the day if you’re walking on concrete or asphalt.

The ground in some places can literally become hot enough to cook an egg. This can blister and damage your dog’s sensitive paws. A good test is to walk outside and place your own hand on the ground. If it burns you, then it will burn your dog. If that’s the case, either leave your pet at home or wait until the temperature drops.



If your dog is an outside dog, then you have to really worry about him getting overheated. To prevent this, you need to make sure you provide them with a comfortable doghouse or a similar shelter to get out of the heat.

Also, they need LOTS of cool water to drink. You may want to invest in an automatic water dispenser that attaches to your garden hose/spigot so your dog can stay hydrated.


Part of being a responsible pet owner is to make sure your dog stays safe and comfortable the whole year-round. Summer heat can make this difficult as many people aren’t quite sure of how to care for their puppies when the temperature rises. By following these guidelines, you can make sure your fur babies stay happy and healthy.

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