During the holidays, humans tend to overeat and for some, their furry friends are not far behind them. Thanksgiving tends to trigger more vet visits due to dogs being fed unsafe human foods. Tempting as it may be to give them table scraps, those extra treats can do more harm than good. No matter how much those sweet little eyes stare at you, be strong and stick to the list of what not to feed your pet.

Turkey Bones

Unfortunately, bones are not safe, especially cooked bones. They can splinter, crack, and tear up your dog’s mouth and stomach. This is a common misconception that they’re ok to give your pet.

Turkey Skin

Almost always, your turkey will be seasoned and that can be hazardous for your dog. Basting your turkey in things like onion, garlic, and sage, the savory combination can make it highly toxic for your dog.

Stuffing and Gravy

Most of the ingredients that go into your stuffing and gravy like onions, sage, garlic, leeks, peppers, chives, and scallions are toxic for your dog, and these are called alliums. Many veggies are perfectly safe however, alliums are not.

Raisins and Grapes: 

Never give your pet raisins or grapes. Unlike some fruits that are ok, raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs. These are toxic and can prove to be extremely dangerous or fatal.

Foods with Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners might seem like a healthier choice; however, they are actually more dangerous for your dog (particularly those containing Xylitol). Foods containing these sweeteners are poisonous and potentially lethal.


This may be an obvious item to some but it doesn’t hurt to bring it up. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances you can give your dog. It’s no secret the effects this substance has on humans. For your dog, it takes a lot less to have the same negative impact. Alcohol can cause some pretty serious neurological issues, vomiting, and can even be fatal. There’s no kidding around when we say don’t give alcohol to your dog as a joke, not even beer.


It’s almost a guarantee that you’ve heard chocolate is bad for dogs so it should be no surprise that this is on our list. Chocolate ingestion is one of the leading causes of food poisoning for dogs. It can cause diarrhea, seizures, and in extreme cases, fatal. Keep your pooch as far away from it as you can.

Casseroles, mashed potatoes, ham, yeast dough, and fatty foods are just a few other items your fur baby should not have. If you’re looking to include your pooch in this year’s festivities, consider making them some tasty Thanksgiving dog treats so you’re not tempted to feed them leftovers. Just to be safe, make sure to keep the tempting smells of the trash from your delicious meals out of reach since man’s best friend is a super smeller.

If your pet gets into something they shouldn’t, seek help immediately. In an emergency, contact the Pet Poison Helpline or your local vet that offers weekend and after-hours services.