Back when dogs roamed free in the wild their nails would naturally wear down, but now that they have become more domesticated it is important to keep them clipped regularly.

When your dog’s nails are left to grow long, they constantly touch the ground creating pain in the top of the nail and foot. If they become too long and curl back into your dog’s skin they can become very uncomfortable.

Keeping your dog’s nails clipped short is not only good for your dog’s feet, it will help save your floors, furniture, and even your skin from getting scratched. For your dog’s health, nail trimming needs to be done on a regular schedule to keep nails short. 

The best protocol is to take your time when your dog is getting their nails clipped. Try to relax and not stiffen up or hold your dog’s nail tighter when they go to pull away.

You need to be firm but also relaxed so your dog feels at ease and understands that you are in control, but also won’t hurt them.

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Schedule your appointment today and know your dog’s feet will be kept in great shape.