It’s always fun to get out for a walk on a winters day and to have a play in the snow. But those little paws can get dry and cracked if you don’t take of them.

One of the biggest threats to healthy paw pads during winter is the salt used to melt ice on driveways, roads, and sidewalks. Prolonged contact can lead to chemical burns on your dog’s paws. If at any time you see your dog limping during your walk, the salt products may be hurting his feet, or a snowball is rubbing between his toes.

After your walk, always wash and dry your dog’s paws and belly. This will remove snowballs from between his toes and any rock salt or antifreeze he may have picked up on his walk. If you don’t wash his paws and belly, he will do this himself by licking and ultimately ingest these deadly chemicals.

Doggy boots are the ultimate choice for winter paw care, if your dog will allow, and they will certainly keep his feet warm and safe.  

If boots are not an option for your dog, try applying some paw wax to your dog’s paws, this will help with cracking and bleeding of dry paw pads.

Have fun in the snow!

Did You Know?

The air between hairs, called “loft” creates insulation from extreme elements. The best way to maintain that loft is to keep your dogs coat clean, mat free and well brushed.

Proper grooming will help your dog maintain a warm body temperature during the colder months, whereas a dirty, matted coat has no insulation properties. Good coat maintenance can be achieved by regular brushing and bathing.

The Pooch Mobile cares for your dog in winter. Our mobile units are closed up to contain the warmth; the average temperature in our mobile units is around 77 degrees while your dog is having his wash. The Pooch Mobile uses warm fresh water for every bath and we fully blow-dry his coat with a warm handheld dryer, so your dog will be warm and dry at the end of his spa treatment!

Keep your dog’s hair and skin in great shape this winter with a regular Pooch Mobile service. Hydrobath’s are preheated to ensure your dog will enjoy the Warm Water Hydrobath as it massages the skin removing dirt, grime, and all that dead hair – reducing shedding and leaving your dog looking and smelling fantastic.